Can You Unpack the Suitcase?

Investopedia is the world’s leading source of online financial content. The Top 100 list was compiled by their content science team based on the ability to engage audiences across multiple media channels. I have been selected for a dozen or more “best advisor” lists over the years. I am particularly happy to appear on this one, since onlin engagement is not generally the forte’ of those of us over age 40.  

 Financial planning, (at least from the fiduciary perspective), can be visualized as a bridge that takes you from one place to another. From a place full of ambiguity and confusion to a land of financial wellness fueled by highly personal, highly meaningful goals.

The problem is that good investing is counterintuitive. Many of your beliefs about money and investing are false. In fact, in some instances, these deeply held beliefs are destructive.

All of us are walking around with an operating system, a financial decision making system, that is full of misinformation, half-truths and error. To take the trip across the bridge, you first have to unpack the suitcase containing these false ideas and leave these beliefs behind.

For the most part, clients arrive here wanting to walk across the bridge but sometimes are unwilling to unpack the suitcase. Many want to take all the heavy, errant stuff with them. It simply can’t be done. This disconnect between the intellect and emotion can easily hold you back and keep you in the comfortable place of status quo.

Our role is to persuade, to offer help, but not to convince. “A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still.”-Benjamin Franklin

Conflicts between your left-brain, (the logic part) and right brain (the emotional part), end up with the right hemisphere as the winner. We are in the human nature and human behavior business as we help clients secure the discipline needed to reach financial wellness. Ready for a real conversation?

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Choosing a financial planner is not a simple choice. We encourage you to interview several potential advisors. It is our feeling that a lot of financial people have lost their way, we haven’t. We offer a fee-only fiduciary financial planning model that validates our client-first ambitions.

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