Seven Things Your Broker Won't Ever Say

Are you still using a stockbroker or insurance salesman, (yea, I know...wealth manager)? Here are seven things you’ll never hear them say:

  1. “Do you know that you can invest in the the same funds outside of the variable annuity at a much lower cost?”
  2. “Despite the Financial Consultant or Wealth Manager title, I still don’t have to act in your best interest.”
  3. “The B shares you just bought don’t have an initial front end sales charge, but the high annual expenses and back-end commissions will make up for that.”
  4. “Sure, our firm employs a couple hundred analysts, but their actual track record at picking stocks is less than the overall market.”
  5. “Gosh, you have great low cost funds in your 401-k. There’s no reason to transfer that money to an IRA with me.”
  6. “The simple arithmetic of my commissions/fees and the high fund expenses make it tough for you to make anything above inflation.”
  7. “The real life returns that you receive from our investments will not only underperform the market, but also many of your peers.”

Most investors lack the time and the requisite background to be able to see through the “broker babble.” If you want transparency and unbridled honesty, these folks can’t deliver. Ready for a real conversation?

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