Financial Myth Busting

While everyday is different from the day before in some respects, in other ways (like the sun rising in the east), the past repeats itself. No one knows what the future holds but we do know, from economic history, how markets have reacted and responded to stress at various times in the past. The chart below depicts a half dozen financial stress points over the past three decades and how markets fared after 1,3 and 5 years.

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The Wealth Continuum – Where Do You Stand?

Happy New Year! With 2015 now behind and 2016 just beginning, this is a good time to focus on creating “wealth possibilities” in the year ahead. Where are you along the path towards “Wealth Wellness”? Did you make progress towards your financial life goals in 2015? What changes do you need to make in 2016? What one change would make the most difference to your financial future?

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Ideas Versus Impulses

The main theme we want to communicate during 2016 is that of Ideas versus Impulses. Good ideas, based on evidence make up the foundation of our financial planning philosophy. These trump, (or should trump), momentary impulses based on day-to-day happenings in the markets (like the first week of this year) or in the larger world.

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Is Loss Aversion Wrecking Your Financial Life?

No one likes to lose money, but the different ways that we psychologically weigh losses and gains might come as a surprise. Behavioral economists use the term “loss aversion” to describe the way that we feel the pain of loss more than we enjoy the pleasure of gain.

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Your Financial Planning "Best Before Date"

Discover how to plan for your retirement while you still have "Possibilities",
rather then ending up with "Probabilities".

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