Mistake #3 Blind-Eye Bias

Mistake #3 Blind-Eye Bias

Blind-Eye Bias

Brokers, bankers, and insurance salespeople are not fiduciary advisors. They may be nice people that you see at church or the club, but their interests come before yours due to how they are paid. Many investors realize this conflict of interest at some point, but often after serious setbacks or lost resources. Find an advisor who is paid directly by you and who will acknowledge, in writing, that they owe you a fiduciary duty.


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Choosing a financial planner is not a simple choice. We encourage you to interview several potential advisors. It is our feeling that a lot of financial people have lost their way, we haven’t. We offer a fee-only fiduciary financial planning model that validates our client-first ambitions.

Read my posts, listen to my podcasts…and when you’re ready for a real conversation about your wealth, call us.


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